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Because what the world needs now is booze. Boozy jam, to be exact. And lots of it.

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The Canning Underground is primarily a boozy jam shoppe, though we'll on occasion add other products or lines in keeping with our mission. Namely, to call out the WTF moments in this world (of which currently there seem to be many) via something we can all get behind: jam. And booze. And any and all combinations thereof. Check out our products for yourselves. As we like to say, come for the snark, stay for the jam.

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About Us

Miss Tasha started canning - as is required by law - upon moving to Oregon several years ago and discovering a wealth of fruit growing on the grounds of her 1890 Victorian, now known as The Manor. Her award-winning jams use only the finest local ingredients as well as the hefty doses of booze we all need to get through the day. Miss Tasha's life is dictated by HRH The Kone, the big red Doberman she adopted after he was found as a pup on the mean streets of the south side of Chicago. When not making boozy jams and taking on the world, you can find her riding her bike in the middle of nowhere, aka meccas like Burns, OR.

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