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What's so special about these jams, Miss Tasha?

These hand-crafted jams are made with equal parts love and bitterness by yours truly. Okay, they also have only the best ingredients available: locally sourced fruits (some plucked right from the grounds of The Manor), organic when possible, heirloom varieties, and the finest of wine, champagne, and other alcohol. We don't believe in using the most delectable and perfect fruits....and cheap lousy booze.

Our jams have also (ahem) won VERY PRESTIGIOUS awards. In the UK, sure, but still. The Great Taste UK awards are considered the Oscars of the fine food business, seriously, and while they carry a lot more weight in the UK (because no one here has heard of them), we're still pretty chuffed about our award-winning prowess.

Are these vegan and gluten-free and low-sugar?

Yes, these are all vegan and gluten-free, and while they're made in a commercial kitchen, we can't guarantee that they're completely free of potential allergens due to proximity to other kitchen users. As for sugar, we use only low-sugar pectin, and so the sugar is definitely reduced from what you'd find in traditional jams. We wouldn't necessarily call them "low-sugar" though - jams need quite a bit in order to set up properly.

What's with the odd shipping pricing?

We use the USPS's flat rate boxes, because no matter where in the US we ship things, they'll be, well, a flat rate. This makes it easy to calculate, and that comes with package insurance. It does mean that shipping can be expensive when ordering just a couple of items (the cost is $15.05 for the medium-sized box whether ordering 1 or 10 jars), but we like to think that our preciouses are worth it. Or heck, order more - it's economical! We ARE working on this though, to figure out something that makes sense if ordering a small amount.

Where my jams, Miss Tasha? We're drowning here.

Trust me, we fully understand the boozy sustenance required by all rational people these days. Once your order is placed, you'll first receive an email to confirm, and another email with shipping information once your package is sent out. In general we'll send them out within a week, and actual shipping will take 2-3 days. If in the spirit of George Bailey there's a Run on the Bank/Jams, don't worry, we'll make more! That might mean a slight delay.

Since this is a one-person operation, there will be times when I'm out of town, and this will delay jam production/shipping. These trips mainly consist of biking endless miles in places with little connectivity, so communication may be delayed as well. However, I'll share this info beforehand via all the different channels available.

How do you come up with these amazing varieties?

Honestly, we have so many ideas, we could pass them out like cheap party favors. With the never-ending supply of yahoos out there, in the new administration and out, we're pretty sure this will continue. As for the unique and delicious jam varieties, Miss Tasha inherited the scientific-experimenting gene from her dad, and from there, the possibilities are endless.

What is your return policy?

If you're not happy with your jams in any way, please contact us and we'll work with you to make it right. Refund? Check. Replacement because your jars were drop-kicked off a USPS truck? No problem. Package disappeared and when traced you get a call from the lovely NJ post office telling you that "it looks like the package is still rattling around in the Silverton post office" and when you ask the Silverton PO about this they just look at you wide-eyed with maybe jam-stained mouths? We'll resend!

Is jamming at The Manor your only gig? How can we contact you?

Oh, gentle reader and jam aficionado, we here have so many gifts we could pass them out like.....well, you know. While I love making jams, I also have many other endeavors on tap, from working as a content specialist (LinkedIn profile) to an admissions consultant (B-School Essays). Then there's the blog (Blog That's Sweeping the Nation), and of course the site-related Facebook and Twitter pages. Feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions, questions, etc., at

Yours in Jamarchy,

Tasha Huebner, Founder and Jam Mixologist

The Canning Underground

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