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Bitter. Furious. Glorious. Inspiring.


Every day our rage grows as we see what's continuing to happen in Ukraine, our motherland. The heartbreak and the fury, oh the fury, at the death and genocide and the despot's attempt to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth. And yet we've never been prouder in watching the fierce resistance in the face of the onslaught, the mind-boggling courage, the humanity, the kozak warrior blood that flows through every Ukrainian. And the ingenuity: tractors towing away tanks, the партизані sabotaging the invaders, so much more. (My dad would refer to the volunteers that came up in the garden as партизані, so our people are quite familiar with this.)


This jam is as sparkly and wonderful as the shining city of Kyiv, along the mighty Dnipro. Rare Cornelian cherries, raspberries, GLITTER (!), candied rose petals. This is as twee - and appropriate -  as it gets.


Герої не вмирають!


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  • A resplendant combination of Cornelian cherries, raspberries, sugar, moscato, white rose vodka, lime juice, edible glitter, candied rose petals, all in a 6 oz. jar.

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