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The Scots deserve a magnificent jam, given that they despise the Manchild as much as we do and insult him with names like bawbag, cocksplat, and one of our favorites, thundercunt. And the Scots have dealt with political nefariousness for centuries, so they recognize a traitor when they see one.


There’s a reason the Bawbag loves thug countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia and disses our allies, but until he’s in prison for collusion and treason, well, we have this jam. With Glenlivet and champagne, and tayberries that become lushly floral when cooked, it’s transcendent. The tayberry is also a Scottish creation, released in 1979 by the Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, and named after the river Tay in Scotland. Sláinte!

Treasonous Tartan Tayberry

  • Made with local Oregon tayberries, sugar, Glenlivet, champagne, lemon juice, and pectin, in a 6 oz jar.

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