Let’s face it, we’re the laughingstock of the world. You know it, we know it. America as a country with lofty ideals and values has become durr, ‘Murica, guns YEEHAW. We know things are bad when even NAMIBIA (!) has an Every Second Counts video (as an aside, we kinda want to visit Namibia now.).  The rest of the civilized world thinks we’re nuts, with our guns and lack of health care and corporate fiefdom and of course, a complete idiot for president, who doesn’t know that Israel is part of the Middle East.  


To counteract the buffoonery, or at least make it easier to bear – okay okay, put us in a drunken stupor so we can shut it all out OKAY? – we developed this jam based on the Sazerac, aka the oldest cocktail in the U.S. To remind us that for a young country, we’ve dealt with a lot of stupid shit, and we’ll survive this too. We hope. Cheers?

The Great American Blueberry Sazerac Shitshow

  • A 6oz jar of boozy deliciousness, hewing closely to the Sazerac, albeit in our own blueberry version. With blueberries, sugar, rye whiskey, bitters, absinthe, lemon juice, and pectin.