The parallels are inescapable: Poe and his tale of impending doom by pendulum, and the debacle that is our current political landscape. Uhh, or is that just us? Humph.


Regardless, this jam is a ravishing blend of outrageously fat Rainier cherries, almond liqueur, and amaretto, with a hint of vanilla. It’s so good that our mom has proclaimed it to be her favorite. (We know, we know, most people think Miss Tasha as the CU JamMaster sprung forth from a poofy cloud of unicorn dust and the Hallelujah chorus. This is not quite true. Yet, this jam exists. Sometimes the world is a wondrous place.)

The Cherry Pit and the Pendulum

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  • Local Rainier cherries, sugar, almond liqueur, Amaretto, vanilla bean, lemon juice, pectin, in a 6oz jar.