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While there are many criminals running around in politics, these days our thoughts turn to one, the Butcher of the Kremlin, a subhuman who's jealous of the accomplishments of the Ukrainian people and so is trying to annihilate them.


We will not forget, nor forgive. And while jail is one option, we're really hoping one of his appratchiki will take care of the situation, preferably with lead.


As for the jam, this particular boozy jam boasts a unique blend of responsibly-sourced spices and hand-picked loganberries, which are yet another weird Oregon berry. Shrug. We work with what we have.

Lock Him Up Loganberry

Out of Stock
  • Made with handpicked Oregon loganberries, sugar, creme de violette, spices, lemon juice, in a 6 oz. jar.

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