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This classic marmalade, with plenty of bitter along with the sweet, mirrors our  mood during four years of the former guy: horrified at what’s going on in the world and unable to recognize our own country. This is not who we’re supposed to be, turning away refugees, separating families at the border, and abandoning allies.


This marmalade reflects a small portion of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the U.S., with membrillo, rose water and real Aleppo peppers, in honor of migrants who’ve died trying to escape troubled regions. For those seeking safe harbor, we stand with you, and we will never stop fighting tyranny.


Valhalla, we are coming!

Immigrant Song

  • Grapefruit, lemons, sugar, a touch of membrillo, grapefruit vodka, rose liqueur, rose water, Aleppo peppers grown at The Manor, all in a 6 oz. jar.

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