But then, don’t we all. Don’t we all need just ONE person (though we’ll take more!) to stand up to the current wave of bullshit flowing around us, ONE repub to say “hey, you know, we really did elect an incoherent environment-hating racist dumb-as-rocks mentally unstable deranged egomaniac as the Yam-in-Chief. Our bad. We need to fix this.” One? Anyone? And not someone who postures and blusters for show, then votes straight red anyway (yes McCain, we’re looking at you).


Okay, we know we’re dreaming – but in the meantime, at least we have Melissa McCarthy to keep us sane, with her save-the-whales, Spicey-baiting bad self. Melissa, this jam’s for you. Laughter through tears.

I Need a Hero Strawberry Negroni

  • A negroni-inspired strawberry creation that could be our best jam yet. Really. It’s sparkly and tangy and bright and SO DAMN GOOD. With strawberries, gin, Campari, brut, sugar, lime juice, vermouth, and pectin, in a 6oz jar.