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Aprés. After. This luxurious jam was intended to symbolize a glittering new future after finally dumping The Former Guy, but now we know better. We know that his corrupt and mendacious handling of pretty much everything has left this country a wasteland. We know that the pandemic has exposed major fault lines, revealing that there are too many complete morons in the US to overcome their influence. People who are too stupid to get a life-saving vaccine. The mind reels.


So now, intead, our Aprés Apricot is a tiny bright shining light in a dark and dystopian present and future. The world is burning. Eat apricots while ye may.

Aprés Apricot

  • Each 6 oz. jar consists of luscious Tilton apricots, sugar, crème de noyaux, glacéed apricots, and lemon juice.

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