There are those who say the Dotard has never brought anyone a single moment of joy or laughter, ever; we beg to differ.


We've never seen such uproarious pure amusement as when we went into Party City this week to have them blow up our Fat Baby Trump balloon - unless it was when we did the same at a Dollar Tree in Iowa last year, after which we tied FBT to our bike for the final day of RAGBRAI, aka crazy-ass bike ride across Iowa. Talk about spreading peals of laughter across this once-great nation!


And what's more appropriate for a sore loser than a classic bitter marmalade? With prosecco for those of us celebrating his demise, and pamplemousse liqueur to help get us through a long cold winter. FBT for the win!

You're a Loser Baby

  • A delectable marmalade made with pink grapefruit, lemons, Meyer lemons, sugar, pamplemousse, prosecco, in a 6 oz jar.