Walk down a dark forest path, the inky foreboding sky above, and everyone sees that the entire world is black as night. No hope in sight, just trudging down this endless path. Oh look, a snowflake. Now two! How pretty and innocent and fun! Who can ever take such a thing seriously, this beautiful flurry of white puffy snowflakes?


Oh wait. They’re coming down harder. Determined, relentless. Oh shit, it’s a blizzard. A never-ending blizzard of righteous fury. It won’t stop, crushing everything and everyone in its path. Unless you are one of the snowflakes.


In which case, we’d like to warn everyone else: winter is coming.


Pairs beautifully with Merry Mueller RaspPom Time.

Winter is Coming

  • A Black Forest-inspired jam with dark cherries, sugar, Belgian dark chocolate, lemon juice, and Schmerling's chocolate liqueur, in a 6 oz jar.