Whoops, we meant to say unprecedented – but that’s because we’re not idiots and we actually know how to spell. Unlike, say, a certain possibly-illiterate narcissist-in-chief. We'd call him a man-toddler as well, but that's insulting the toddlers we know. When the so-called president can't open his mouth without telling more lies or insulting someone (g'day Australia! WE STILL LOVE YOU! PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOVE MOST OF US! THE SMART ONES!), well, we turn to drink. If it's in the form of jam, so be it. In this case, made with perfect little blush apricots and the finest Riesling. Cheers!

Simply Unpresidented Apricot Riesling

  • Beautiful local apricots, Riesling, sugar, and vanilla. Simple perfection in a 6 oz. jar.