Ah, those long winter nights come upon us so quickly, when minds turn to the most important of things. Namely, which bird or wildlife refuge might be a good choice for illegal occupation this year? So many to choose from!  Here, we take local apples, a few tots of brandy, just the right mix of sugar and spices, and let them all cook down for hours and hours, thus giving us a lot of time to think about gumint oppression while plotting sedition and "constitooshinal" resistance. And boozy apple butter goes great with hardtack and other snacks the prepared occupier brings to these events. Don't tread on my snacks!

Seditiously Spicy Apple Butter

  • A mix of locally-grown apples, brown sugar, local freshly-pressed apple cider, spices, brandy, and Dr. McGillicuddy's apple pie liqueur.