Sedition. Insurrection. Death, chaos, mayhem at the Capitol.


This is where we are after 4 years of the Dotard.


We're not going to say we're prescient,, fuck that, we will say that.


Lock Him Up Loganberry

Peachy Impeachment

Criminal Clown Car

Treasonous Tartan Tayberry


And of course: ITMFA


If that's not an appropriate roundup, we don't know what is. What's sad (SAD!) is that we had to cull the list down; that's how much of a Drumpfster Fire this administration is.


On the bright side, with our Sampler you get 5 boozy jams for the price of 4. And if now isn't the time when we all need more booze, well, you know.

Sedition Sampler

  • 5 of our lovely boozy jams are in this appropriate collection: Peachy Impeachment, ITMFA, Lock Him Up Loganberry, Treasonous Tartan Tayberry, and Criminal Clown Car.