Scorched earth. That phrase covers a lot of ground, figuratively and literally. It signifies the thousands of acres incinerated across the northwest, leaving charred rubble, a testament to those who deny the impact of climate change.


It signifies the rage so many of us still feel, knowing that 70M people were stupid enough, racist/misogynist/xenophobic enough, deplorable enough, to vote for a second term of destruction and grifting and complete and total hypocrisy.


It signifies our take-no-prisoners mantra, where we're done trying to understand the deplorables. Done. We're ready to fight dirty to get what we want, if that's what it takes.


These gherkins are ready to set the world on fire. Expect us.


Scorched Earth Gherkins

  • Local gherkins, sugar, fresh ginger, salt, ginger liqueur, bhut jolokia powder.