Alternative name: Like a Boss. Because glorious Nancy Pelosi completely OWNED the Dotard, and he didn’t even realize it.  There he was at the SOTU, blathering on, intently attempting to read from the teleprompter, reciting rhymes like a deranged version of Dr. Seuss (“peace and legislation, war and investigation” – really??), and then. Then he turns around to look at Pelosi for approval, and what did he get? The most BRILLIANT SLOW CLAP that ever existed. Ever.


That's the one that said “aww, aren’t you a good boy, you spoke without going into a loony aside about women tied up in duct tape.” Or “aww, you’ve gotten through a few hours away from your executive-time-tv-watching without having a temper tantrum.” The smirk, the disdain, the OWNING. All so damn perfect. This jam’s for you, Madam Speaker. LIKE A BOSS.

Pelosi Plum Gin Slow Clap

  • The most delicate plums from an orchard here in Silverton, OR, in a tangy combination with sugar, Oregon's own Crater Lake gin, lime juice, ginger, and pectin, in a 6 oz. jar.