This bright, cheery jamalade captures the current mood of the country: optimistic, sunshiney, happy. Or, that would be the case if we were all on heavy psychotropic drugs.


Oh don't get us wrong - we're ecstatic that we voted out the Dotard, even though he'll have to be dragged out of the White House on January 20th, and will continue to do unthinkable amounts of damage until then. And there's the matter of the do-nothing Senate and all the sycophantic repubs who've remained silent in the face of the dismantling of what was once a semblance of democracy.


But hey! In the meantime, there’s our singular creation that’s a cross between a jam and a marmalade: made with citrus and other fruit, bits of chewy peel, but only the barest hint of bitterness.  A labor of true rage, as we've coped by scouring ancient Italian tomes for preserving techniques that would lead to a resplendent jamalade.


And here we are.

Little Miss F*ing Sunshine

  • Made with sweet California oranges, local Tilton apricots, fresh pineapple, lemon, sugar, in a 6 oz. jar.