Yes, we’re saying we need to Impeach The MotherFucker Already. We once posited that Pence would be just as bad as the current Yam-in-Chief and so impeachment would be a Bad Thing. We can admit when we’re wrong. At least Pence isn’t an illiterate, petulant, mentally unstable, orb-touching, PM-shoving, covfefe-spouting, pussy-grabbing, in-bed-with-Russia, 6-word-vocabulary nitwit who’ll be a complete and total embarrassment on the world stage and make us a laughingstock to the ROW. He’ll just take away all women’s rights and treat us like chattel, like his extreme nutjob evangelical leaders tell him to. Ech, six of one, half a dozen of the other?    


This Moscow Mule-inspired creation (in a nod to our new Russian overlords) combines lime and ginger with a patriotic blend of red and blue berries to point out that fuck yes, this is still a democracy and not yet the dictatorship Herr OrangeFuhrer would like it to be. We’ll watch the world burn on OUR terms. #Resist!


  • A delightful blend of red (strawberries, raspberries) and blue (blueberries, blackberries), with all the flavors you'd expect in a Moscow Mule, our inspiration: vodka, lime juice, lime, sugar, and ginger.