Sometimes you’re not looking for a slow, smoldering burn, but rather to set things ablaze quickly. That’s where our Hot Cowboy Confit comes in, a man’s man of a sweet, tart, and spicy jam, with an abundance of flavor from sour cherries and lime and a good dose of habanero heat. This confit was inspired by our own spotting of an actual Hot Cowboy at the lone café in Crane, OR, while stopping in the middle of an 80-mile bike ride. Alas, the road beckoned….but we’ll always have Crane. And this confit.


  • Tepid Cowboy Confit – When you’re looking for a little less…..spiciness than what’s found in our Hot Cowboy version, we have Tepid. Just as delectable but less heat, for those who need a little more time to, shall we say, warm up to the possibilities. This version has all the flavor you expect from a tart cherry jam that goes with pretty much everything, but none of the heat.  And of course, nothing says cowboy like confit, with its inescapable je ne sais quoi (je ne sais quoi means "lasso my heart" in French).  (Psst, Hot Cowboy, call us.)

Hot Cowboy Cherry Confit

  • A 6 oz. jar of jam made with sour cherries, lime, habaneros, and kirsch, aka cherry brandy.