Us all here decided to put some of our fancy book learnin’ from the teachin’ lady to good use and make a jam that y’all trump supporters can get behind. Something you can enjoy while railing against the NFL for disrespectin’ the flag while you don’t even know all the words to the national anthem, and while polishing your guns that you worry are getting gay married, as you’re ranting about them cuck immigrants taking the jobs you refuse to do because hell you’ve got no edjhukashon but you damn well deserve that $70K coal job amirite.


So go ahead and keep swigging down your cheap likker mixed with mountain dew and resentment and blasting NPR for tweeting the constitooshun which you don’t even recognize and think it’s some kind of libral manifesto, you red states that take more money from the damn gubmint than you’ll ever put in. Hillbilly Holler? We call it like we see it.

Hillbilly Holler

  • A sweet-spicy blend of local berries and peppers, with blueberries, blackberries, sugar, vinegar, bourbon, lime juice, and pectin.