Bitter. Broken. Ragey. Glorious.


This country is a shambles. We've all standing in the global arena, and are wondering how so many Americans can support such a sociopathic buffoon and his grifter family and mob associates. There's a raging pandemic, so many lives lost that didn’t need to be. The economy is the very definition of the "deaths of despair" the media likes to point out.


And of course, the Capitol is a militarized zone. Not only has Covid killed so many, but it’s also taken away the traditions and happy events that give life a bit of joy, away from its usual slog. Even with the inauguration, Joe Biden has been robbed of all the pomp and splendor he deserves.


But, we soldier on. We thought about which adjective to include in the name of this jam. A bitter hallelujah. A broken hallelujah. A ragey hallelujeh. That may still happen, but for now, we're giving Joe and Kamala a bit of pure, unadulterated  shine, in honor of the happiness we all feel. Thank you Joe! You have saved us from a despot, one that this country would not have been able to withstand for 4 more years.


This jam is as sparkly and wonderful as our new administration. Rare Cornelian cherries, raspberries, GLITTER (!), candied rose petals. This is as twee as it gets. Hallelujah!


  • A resplendant combination of Cornelian cherries, raspberries, sugar, moscato, white rose vodka, lime juice, edible glitter, candied rose petals, a touch of hope and optimism amidst the bitterness, all in a 6 oz. jar.