We’re feeling more and more kinship with our beloved Rage Cows these days. Every word coming from the bloviating dotard-in-chief, rage. Every sneer of contempt from environment-hating Pruitt, fury. Every day as the moral-less morons in the WH turn our once proud and stalwart nation into an embarrassment, well, we have no words sufficient.


For these troubled times, we bring you Figs and Fury. With an undertone of bitterness from the woodsy St. Germaine, boldness from the end-times-appropriate blood orange, followed by a righteous hot pepper burning fury.  And a strong overlay of cardamom, a spice known to help with digestive problems, like the always-present churning we feel in our stomachs when we see what the day’s news has wrought. This sophisticated jam pairs well with a soft cheese, grilled meats (shashlik!), bread points and caviar, roast squab, manchego, halloumi, crepes with goat cheese, prosciutto, everything!

Figs and Fury

  • An arch mix of local fresh figs, blood oranges, sugar, bourbon, St. Germaine liqueur, jalapenos, lemon juice, pectin, all in a 6 oz. jar.