Well it was a shitgibbon of a year, now wasn’t it? Culminating in the election of a narcissistic sociopathic petulant baby, but only after 2016 piled all other kinds of crap onto our already-burdened shoulders. This hotter-than-hell jam makes no apologizes for the fact that most people won’t be able to stand it – that is, as far as heat is concerned. Here we pay “homage” (aka disdain) to his flaming orangeness, though this is infinitely more palatable. Our signature item goes great with pork, chicken, a cheese plate, shattered dreams, basically anything and everything.

Drumpfster Fire

  • Our signature pepper jelly has a proprietary blend of habaneros, oranges, sugar, apple cider vinegar, pectin, and a splash of vodka for our comrades, in a 6 oz. jar. За здоровье!