“Will you shut up, man.” And with those words, Joe Biden from Scranton PA became the hero we all so desperately need, saying out loud directly to the Dotard the words we’ve been screaming for FOUR LONG YEARS.  Shut up and go away forever, Donny, so that the adults can start pulling this country out of the beclownery it’s been subject to for FOUR LONG YEARS.


This boozy boysenberry jam is based on the Aviation cocktail, with gin, crème de violette, and a hint of maraschino liqueur to evoke an ethereal vision of the halcyon day we won’t hear even a mention of the Yam, his family, and the deplorables who support him.  We’re hoping they all fade into obscurity…..in prison.

Build Back Better BoysenBiden

  • Boysenberries, sugar, Hendrick's Summer Gin, creme de violette, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, pectin, all in a 6 oz. jar.