What else is there to say about this band of fools, headed up by the biggest moron of them all, who’ve turned our once aspired-to country into a not-trusted, nepotistic, kakistocric, corrupt banana republic? With Dear Leader whose thoughts, such as they are, twist in the wind based on the mutterings of Herr Müller – umm, we mean Miller. Some of us did actually go to (ahem) Wharton, and in Negotiations we learned that getting the deal done does NOT consist of holding an entire government hostage and telling the other side “this is everything we want, take it or leave it.” Who knew?


As summed up by signs for this year’s Women’s March, “Does this ass make our country look small?” Or another favorite, “At least Fredo could manage a casino.” We rest our case.

Banana Republicans

  • Cranberries, bananas, sugar, banana liqueur, lemon juice, pectin, in a 6 oz. jar.