You might think Jamboulée is a made-up word, but of course it’s NOT. Say it out loud. Say it. See, we’re using YOUR word. You just said it, and our using it is a circular using it back to you. A jamboulée is an overly dramatic French preserve, in this case made from the finest apricots lovingly picked by 4-year-old children, the newest entrants to our unregulated labor force. We added the most expensive and rare ginger liqueur in the world, made by French nuns, to make it extra tremendous; it’s so rare that only one bottle is released every 7 years, and we have that bottle. This has been proven to be the best jam ever created, PERIOD.

Alternative Facts French Apricot Jamboulée

  • Local pink-blushed apricots, ginger liqueur, candied ginger, gold leaf (alternative fact), lime juice, and sugar.